School Runs

Angels Cars offers what are known as School Runs. We can offer transport of minors to whatever school or educational establishment is required by that minor.


School runs are a popular use of minicab services.


All our drivers for School Runs are CRB checked and undergo a meticulous vetting procedure by both the local authorities as well as an internal selection process by Angels Cars . This is to ensure that all our drivers are suitable for, and capable of, transporting children. As well as the convenience and safe transport Angels Cars provide; peace of mind for the parents comes from knowing that all our drivers are courteous, professional and well trained.


Angels Cars will get your little, and not so little ones to their school or educational establishment safely and securely.


School runs can be at the instigation of the parent or legal guardian, or they may be offered as part of an educational package offered by the local authority. Angels Cars work for both and not only have the ability but the experience to do so.


If you are attempting to organise a school run for your child, or are responsible for organising transport for children, speak to us and we will endeavour to help you. We can provide you with the information you want and can talk over any anxieties that you may have about letting a minicab company transport your child.


Your child or children are safe with Angels Cars .


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